Choosing cooking appliances for your kitchen remodel

Posted by mP5@dm1n on September 22, 2011

Comparing Cooking Appliance Options

The place with the most flexibility in your appliance budget and design will be in how you decide to address your cooking appliances.

The least expensive is the free standing, all in one range.

The freestanding range is typically 30″ in width, finished on the left and right sides, and has a raised control panel at the back of the unit.  They are readily available in Gas, Electric, and “Duel Fuel” (Gas top- Electric oven).  Ease of installation and lower cost are the main factors going for the free standing unit.

Often what you lose is flexibility in placement and style.  The control console rising at the back serves to interrupt the smooth lines of a back splash design layout. In addition, the unit needs a certain amount of space around it for installation leaving a slight gap at the counter-top and cabinets. (usually only 1/8th of an inch if installed correctly).


A slide in range is slightly more expensive, but often worth it to keep the design streamline. 

Slide In RangeThe main advantage of a slide in is that it allows for the backsplash to continue without interruption as well as allowing for more creativity on the wall directly behind the stove.  A slide in also is a tighter fit and the top actually sits on top of the counter giving a tight seal.






Here is a quick reference chart relating to  range choices.

RangeType PowerSource Features to Consider Additional Considerations
Gas Natural Gas
  • Sealed burners for easy cleanup
  • Simmer and high-output burners
  • Pilotless ignition
  • Wide range of cooking power
  • Precise cooktop heat control
Electric Electricity (Coil or Radiant Elements)
  • Energy-efficient, expandable elements
  • Bridge elements for larger cookware
  • Warming zones to keep food hot and fresh
  • Even, high-quality baking
  • Highly efficient self-clean feature
Dual-Fuel Gas Cooktop and Electric Oven
  • Sealed burners for easy cleanup
  • Simmer and high-output burners
  • Pilotless ignition
  • Even, high-quality baking
  • Better self-cleaning capabilities
  • Combines qualities of gas cooktop and electric oven
  • Larger initial investment

Next time we will look at the separate cooktop and wall oven options.

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