Cooking Appliances part II

Posted by mP5@dm1n on September 22, 2011

Gas CooktopIndependent Cooktop and Wall oven Combination

The most design flexible and stylish option is of course the more expensive option as well.  A separate cooktop is a cooking surface that can be placed anywhere in your countertop area.  This opens up a wide variety of options in the design of you kitchen space.  There is also the advantage of being able to place cabinetry directly under your cooking surface  for convenient storage of cookware.  Aesthetically, the separate cooktop allows for very clean lines and continuity of backsplash, cabinetry and countertop.  The cooktop is readily available in gas, electric, and electric induction.  However; installation is more difficult and must be carefully coordinated with the cabinetry and countertop design.

Wall Ovens.  The freedom and style of a separate cooktop also demands that you provide space for a wall oven.Wall oven micro combo

Again there is a great deal of flexibility both in placement and in functionality.  You can install just one oven, or two ovens,  or one oven and a warming drawer, or two ovens and a warming drawer or…  You get the idea.  the latest trend however is to install one oven with a convection-microwave above it.  this allows for a convenient space for the microwave while still providing a second oven for those special occasion when you need it.  Like everything else we have talked about, wall ovens are also availaible in both electric and gas options.

As you can imagine installation is somewhat tricky but the ovens can be installed anywhere in any design combination and at any height along the walls.  Of course this must be well planned out to provide proper space and utilities for the appliance.


Well, that has been a quick tour of the world of cooking appliance options.  No one option is better than another, but you should choose according to your limitations in space, design, and budget.


Next time we will look at Refrigerator choices, and it just might make you dizzy!






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