Updating Your Fireplace

Posted by mP5@dm1n on August 31, 2012

Fireplaces are no longer used specifically for the purpose of keeping warm in the winter months, they are now a furniture staple in most homes. A beautifully renovated fireplace is not only pleasing to look at, but it can also add great value to your home.

If you’ve been thinking about changing-up your fireplace but haven’t been sure where to start, here’s a list of ideas from HGTV.com to get your thoughts flowing! Enjoy!

Bringing stone inside is always a good idea if you ask us, especially when you extend it all the way to the ceiling. It brings a rustic feeling to the room & makes your ceiling appear much taller!

Mosaic Tile
When you place many small shapes together in a compact way, it gives your fireplace a modern feel without being overwhelming. We love the neutral colored tiles with the bold wall paint!

Painted Brick
This is an extremely effective & simple way to make your dated fireplace look new and contemporary. Brick can be painted almost any color & look fabulous.
If you’re interested in the Old World look, go to your local flea market or antique shop & look for dated mantle pieces. If you find one that’s not in the best condition, a simple stain can bring it back to life.

Classic Clean
Buffed limestone is a great way to make your living room look updated. Since it’s a traditional look, you can create any type of room theme around it.

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